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mAadhar Download-How to use mAadhar Application

mAadhar Download-How to use mAadhar Application

mAadhar is a UIDAI authorized the android application. All the Indian citizens know very well about the importance of Aadhar & nowadays the Indian government announced Aadhar is mandatory. Also mandatory to link your Aadhar with your bank account, PAN card, mobile number, passport & other relevant documents. It is very risky to carry original Aadhar card at anywhere because if it is misplaced or stolen it will create a critical situation, to avoid that situation, u can use mAadhar or eAadhar services. Using mAadhar application, you can easily download your Aadhar, just one tap through your smartphone.

What is mAadhar Application?

It is the UIDAI official Aadhar application for the smartphone user, the entire Aadhar holder adds his/her profile in the mAadhar app and carries everywhere. mAaadhar is a highly secured password protected application, the user can only access it by using his/her security password & it ensures your data is not obtained by another person. The mAadhar application you can install all the smartphone those who installed Android 5.0 or high version operating system(OS), For iPhone users, the mAadhar application will be launch very soon. First, you will install the mAadhar application in your android smartphone, next add your profile through your register mobile number. If your mobile number is not registered, you did not get the mAadhar facility.

How to download mAadhar Application from Google play store?

Step-1: For downloading mAadhar application first visit the Google play store and go to search option here type “mAadhar” now different mAadhar related application will come in front of you, but you can download only mAadhar unique identification Authority of India.
Step-2: Now click on the install button, once the application is installed in your android device next just open the application. The page will display for ‘Create password’ your password must contain four digits number only (ex. – 0000, 1234, 5678, 9101 etc.).Set your password then accept terms and conditions next click confirm. Now your mAadhar password created successfully.

How to create your profile in the mAadhar application?

Step-1: Open the mAadhar application & access it using four digits password. Now create your profile by using 12 digits Aadhar number or scan the barcode instead of Aadhar number.
Step-2: Now enter your Aadhar number & click ‘Next’ button, if you enter the correct data then automatically you will get an OTP(one-time password) in your register mobile number.Once you receive your OTP just put it & click on “verify” button, after verification from  UIDAI you will able to see your Aadhar profile that includes your name gender, mobile number, Address, and other information. You can download it and use any time at anyplace.

How to lock his/her biometrics anytime using mAadhar?

This is very easy and simple to lock & unlock Biometrics on mAadhar.
Step-1: Open your mAadhar application and enter a password.
Step-2: Click your Aadhar profile, that option is available inside the mAadhar application next Click “Biometric Setting” and enable the biometric lock option if you want to lock your biometric data. Now you will get an OTP in your register mobile number, put the OTP or automatically feed by the application. Next, your biometrics will be lock immediately.

If you want to unlock your biometrics, please follow the below steps:

Open the mAadhar application, Go to the menu bar on the top right & select “biometric Setting” here click unblock biometrics button. A message will be displayed ‘your biometrics will be temporarily unblocked’ click ‘yes’. Now your biometrics will be unblocking for 10 minutes.

How to view your profile on the mAadhar application?

Open your mAadhar application & select ‘profile’ option on the mAadhar home page. Now enter your password and reach your profile page. From here you can see your details information. If you forget your password don’t worry just select reset password & set up a new password for access your profile.

How to delete your profile in your mAadhar app?

1. Open your application then enter your four digits password to access this application.
2. Now click on your profile and open it.
3. Click three dots on the top right corner of this application and select ‘delete profile’ now you will get one message on the display that is “are you want to delete your profile” click on ‘yes’.
4. Now your profile will be deleted from the mAadhar application.

Advantages of mAadhar App

1. mAadhar application provides your profile anytime at any place, don’t need to carry the original Aadhar card.
2.Using mAadhar used directly forwarded his /her eKYC through email or message.
3.TOTP Service-Some time we have to suffer for OTP but mAadhar provide TOTP (temporary one-time password) service, to avoid OTP issue user can also use OTP facility.
4. Biometrics locking or unlocking-User can lock or unlock his/her biometrics ant time at any place


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